Mirrors today are used in interior décor aspects as much as they are used in practical needs of the household. There are many types of decorative mirrors with ornamental carvings, in large oversized styles and even in pairs sometimes that you can choose from. They can also help brighten up the ambiance of a room so that the space looks airy and bright. It also creates an illusion of spaciousness so that even a small space tends to look bigger than it is. Here are some different types of mirrors that you can choose from for your home.

The Plane Mirror

The plane mirror or planar is by far the most common type that is usually flat on the reflective surface. Some of them can be made with a slightly curved glass and they are available in many different styles and designs. Good quality glass from manufacturers like Bartonglass Melbourne can even come in the form of ornaments so that they are fun to look at as well. The plane mirror is also the only type of mirror that will give you an image that is an exact replica or as close to as possible of the object of reflection.

Spherical Mirrors

The spherical mirror just like its name suggests, is not flat and has shapes that will resemble the pieces of mirror that have been cut out of a spherical shape. The most commonly found varieties of this is the concave and the convex mirror. These are also used for entertainment purposes the most common example of which is a house of mirrors in a carnival where you get to see funny and distorted versions of any object in mirrors that are meant for entertainment. The closer that you place the objects to these the more they will be magnified.

One And Two Way Mirrors

One or two way mirrors are both partially reflective and transparent. This basically means that when the light mirrors the covered side and goes behind the mirror to the dark place it will make it possible for you to see into the lighted room but not outside of it. Just one side of this will be coated in some material that is thin and reflective and that is why these mirrors will work in this manner. The coating is often done with something like silver, tin or nickel and it is applied on the back side of the glass only. The glass will then be covered with a copper material so that there will be no oxidation and then painted with a layer of paint.

Silvered Mirrors

When you talk about a silvered mirror it simply means that they should be coated with a reflective substance which includes silver as the most common option. At a certain point back in history mirrors were silvered using a mixture of tin and mercury which changed into using pure silver by the 18th century. These are some of the types of mirrors that you can buy for a home easily today.