Different countries can sponsor workers to work in their country provided that they fit the skills and expertise required. It could either be a temporary residency which could last for up to 4 years or even a permanent one, depending on the needs of the company.

In order for a company to sponsor an employee, its business operations should be constantly active and must be able to prove that the sponsorship will benefit the country as a whole and also boost its workforce. There are several options to choose from under employee sponsorship. Read along to learn more about the possible options you could choose from.

Temporary Sponsorship Visa

Temporary sponsorship, also called as Employer Sponsored visa 482 is the option for employers who want to sponsor and employ workers who have the needed skills, qualifications and experience in the country. As long as the employee meets the requirements needed for that certain job position, he or she can qualify for this type of visa. This only lasts for 4 years but it allows other family members to study or work in Australia as long as they’re direct dependent of the visa holder.

Permanent Sponsorship Visa

This type of visa which is also known as Employer Sponsored visa 185 allows sponsor companies to employ highly skilled workers into their company. They can choose whether to employ overseas workers or even people who are temporarily staying in Australia. The employer should be able to provide the minimum salary level for these workers and must give them full time employment for a minimum of 3 years. This type of visa is permanent and allows the holder to stay in Australia indefinitely.

Regional Permanent Sponsorship Visa

This type of visa allows businesses and companies to sponsor workers from both overseas or even those who are temporarily staying in Australia. Employees can qualify for this type of visa as long as they have the skills and expertise needed in the job.

However, this only applies for sponsor employers in low population growth regions in Australia. As long as they can provide full term employment for at least 2 years and they meet the conditions for wages and employment in that region, they are qualified to sponsor employees.


This type of service is provided by the Australian government online to make it easier for both employers and employees to look for workers and sponsors accordingly. For employees, you can register yourself here by placing in the skills, expertise and qualifications you have. If these fit a certain job vacancy in a company, the employer will contact you for an interview and would soon invite you to get an Employer Sponsored visa when you pass their interview process. Employers can also use this service to look for overseas employees to work in their company either for long- or short-term purposes.

If you’re a skilled worker who is determined to work and live in Australia, these are the visas that would greatly help you migrate to this country.