Choosing a formwork type is an important decision to be made before construction starts. Formwork is a temporary or permanent structure that concrete can be poured into. The formwork used in construction was traditionally timber but now have expanded to include steel, plastic and other materials. If the formwork is of low quality or they are placed incorrectly, it can affect the quality of the structure. In this article, we are exploring the advantages of using steel formwork over other options.

Nowadays, sustainability and eco-friendly building materials and processes are given more focus. Timber formwork can’t be used for several work cycles and this causes more waste and the use of more resources. You can read more information about formwork in general by going to the SS Prime Form Blog. When it comes to steel formwork, a big reason for its use is that it can be used multiple times and when it is properly maintained, it can be used for a very long time. So it is a long term solution for a company that specialises in formwork. They don’t have to invest in procuring new material for formwork as they have a solution that can be reused. Because of the strength and durability of steel, they are ideal for concrete construction.

Steel formwork has a high initial cost but they are more economical when you think about the long term applications. The reusability of steel makes it a very cost-effective formwork material. And as steel is a superior quality formwork and it is uniform in shape, they bring a high level of precision and quality to a concrete construction project. If you think about the initial investment only and purchase a cheaper formwork, you will incur more costs in the long term as you will have to replace them as they break. Also, if they break or are damaged during construction, it can affect the quality of the construction as well which will be an even higher cost.

Sometimes, inferior formwork doesn’t have the strength to bear heavy loads and they may buckle causing a multitude of site issues. But as we all know, steel is very strong and can easily withstand high loads without questions. So they can be used with assurance in many large scale projects. You also get high versatility with steel formwork. They can be customized for any unique project. The variety of different projects that can be used in are endless. Not only building construction but steel formwork can be used for industrial projects, tunnels etc.

When using timber of any other formwork, there is a texture that can be imprinted onto the concrete finish that you will see after the curing process. But because of the smooth texture of steel, you will get a flawless and smooth finish each time. This way, the client and the architect has the option of going for a more fair-faced concrete appearance as well. A risk that you get when using timber formwork is that it can absorb some of the water from the concrete that will affect the stability of the final result. But steel is not a porous material and this is a risk that you can easily avoid by its application. Steel formwork can be recycled as well which makes it a more environmentally friendly option.