Deciding on how to provide care for the elderly family members is one of the biggest challenges anyone encounters sooner in their life. The senior members of our population need more care than ever, especially now that they are not as agile as they were before. It would be great if they don’t have medical issues and simply need assistance on their daily activities because you won’t need a professional healthcare worker to look after them. You can even do it personally if you prefer. However, having some health issues is another factor to consider when choosing an elder care option. Most cases, you can opt for in-house care where the elderly are taken care of by professional caregivers in the comforts of their home. On rare occasions, if the person has a serious medical issue, they might need to stay in an elderly care facility where health professionals are available 24/7 with complete medical utilities.

Family Provided and In-Home Care

Majority of the senior population love to stay in the comfort of their homes. If your elderly loved one has no health issues and only need assistance on daily activities, this works for them. You get to take care of them personally while having additional hired workers as an extra hand. Housekeepers do the household chores and simple errands. Homemakers help in meeting the needs of the elderly such as preparing healthy meals, personal care, and monitor medications if there are any. Health aides are certified professionals that visit from time to time, keeping track of the elderly health status, dispense medications and report back to the family doctor.

Adult Day Programs

This one works best for elderly people who don’t require round the clock care. This program offers fun activities for them that help maintains their well-being. It’s pretty much like a daycare for the elderly. This is usually held during the daytime, Monday through Friday. Certain places like Supreme Care offer the best quality of private in-home aged care services in Victoria and NSW. They have fully qualified and experienced staffs that provide complete care an elderly needs. Below is a guide on what type of elder care your loved one needs.

Assisted Living Facilities

In this type, an elderly may opt to rent or purchase a unit within a campus and live together with other senior people. They can enjoy lots of fun social and recreational activities which is good for combating feelings of isolation and depression.

Nursing Homes

If your elder needs round the clock care, this type is the best. Licensed health professionals are available 24/7 in providing care to their residents. Everything is taken care of, from housekeeping and meals. They also provide recreational activities for the residents to keep them active.

Dementia Care Facilities

This facility has health professionals specializing in the proper care of patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. They are allowed to prescribe medications and offer activities that help improve the life experiences of their patients.

Make sure you properly figure out which type suits your elder loved one so he/she can have the best care with all the needs met.