Have you always believed that a soap bar is more ‘authentic’ compared to liquid and gel? There might be a number of reasons why many others like yourself think so, too. Here are a couple of factors about bar soaps that make it a much more preferred option by a majority, at least.

Long Lasting

Considering the daily marathon most have to go through today, it’s normal to look for items that would last longer and in great conditions on your shelf, even if it’s your shampoos and your soaps. It can be annoying when you run out of the basic essentials and have to replace them too often. Soaps bars are great because they last longer, obviously, compared to liquid items, given that you take good care of them, of course.

A Range of Interesting Choices

Somehow, many find that the range of types and collections of bar soaps much more interesting than any other. They aren’t just available in a variety of fragrances, colour, size, and ingredients but also come in exclusive types such as naturally blended handmade collections.

Some these types truly are amazing in more than one way. As for handmade blends, they aren’t just great in terms of fragrance, but are often rich in ingredients that highly benefits the skin and body. Look up DustyBlend Australia to find the finest of the kind in a range of varieties.


The fact that soap bars are denser and fuller to hold certainly can be a lot satisfying, according to many. The fact that soap is meant to cleanse your skin and your body and give it a beautiful fragrance in the end would make you want to opt for a bar instead of shower creams and gels because somehow, running a bar against your skin can somehow make you feel that you are actually cleansing and purifying your body.


As described above, the idea of using a certain type of soap is very much connected to how you feel. It is not just cleansing, purifying, and the removal of dirt and dead cells that matter entirely, but how the whole process makes you feel.

When you use a soap bar, you are likely to spend more time in the shower running it over your body and indulging in the feeling as you do so repeatedly. Using a good type of soap can actually make you feel amazingly relaxed indulging in cleansing and therapy because the ingredients can have amazing effects as they touch your skin.

You might be less likely to enjoy this sort of indulgence with liquid soaps that are easy to slip across your skin. One might say they feel less ‘touched’ than they do with a soap bar.


Bar soaps are quite a fancy possession to have around. The exclusive types look really nice, and can make quite an interesting gift to a special person, too.If you are the type that like showing off your collections, a handmade soap bar might be just another cool addition you’d want to have amidst the rest of your hair and skin care stuff!