While concrete has been commonly used as flooring material in industrial settings like warehouses in the past, nowadays, it has become a popular choice for use in homes as well.  Concrete boasts a number of advantages when compared to other more traditional house flooring materials. Let’s take a look at what they are:

They’re Extremely Durable

Concrete floors are extremely tough and they’re able to withstand a lot of weight on them. It is for this reason that concrete has been preferred for warehouses and garages where a large amount of weight is placed on the floors on a daily basis.

Concrete floors are extremely resistant to wear and tear. This means that if you’re used to wearing shoes indoors regularly, then you don’t have to change your habit for the sake of protecting the floor. Also, if you have pets like cats or dogs at home, you don’t have to worry about their claws leaving scratches and marks on your concrete floor either.  Furthermore, if you’re concerned about how concrete will fare against the activeness and clumsiness of small children, keep in mind that these floors can handle the weight of heavy machinery like forklifts day after day.

However, this is not to say that concrete floors are indestructible. While they are susceptible to scratches and cracks you’ll find that it doesn’t happen as easily as it would to most other flooring materials.

They’re Easy to Maintain

Maintaining and cleaning concrete floors is a fairly easy task. If you don’t have a lot of people walking around indoors on a daily basis wearing shoes, then you’ll only have to vacuum for dust and dirt once a week at most. When mopping, you can use any regular cleaning solution and it will do the job. Stronger cleaners will only be needed to take care of stains that are hard to get rid of.

In the rare case that cracks form on the floor, you can fill those them up easily with some patching or filling substance.

In order to make maintenance even easier, we recommend that you coat your floor with epoxy. Epoxy makes concrete stronger, improves its looks and increases its resistance to stains, fire, dust…etc.  So call a reliable epoxy resin Melbourne-based supplier and find out how you can get a coat applied on your own floor.


They Last a Long time

Even if you don’t maintain it properly, it will be a really long time before your concrete floor suffers any major damage. While we certainly recommend that you adhere to a proper maintenance schedule, it’s still comforting to know that your floor can handle a lot.

They Look Good

Concrete floors don’t just come in the dull gray look that you’re probably picturing in your head. These days they come with a surprising number of design options with a wide range of colours and textures. Do you want a red floor or a marble-textured floor? How about a red marble floor? Concrete flooring opens up a wide variety of possibilities in terms of design. So, if your house has an overall aesthetic that you wish to maintain, chances are that a concrete floor could blend right in with a few tweaks.

If the benefits covered in this article sound good to you, then we recommend that you give serious consideration to getting concrete flooring for your own home.