Synthetic turf has become more popular over the years because of it makes your desired location look good regardless of the weather, reduces maintenance costs and conserves water and the ability to withstand heavy usage.So, if you are considering to install an artificial/synthetic turf, you need to have a good knowledge about the synthetic adhesive you use.However, you have to install it properly to get the above-mentioned benefits. So here are a few factors you should consider when choosing the right adhesive for your artificial/synthetic turf.


It is very likely that you experience temperature fluctuations unless you live in Southern California where the temperature is always high. So, the changes in the temperature can have an impact on your installation as well as on the endurance of the turf. You have to make sure with your supplier or installer that the adhesive you are going to use is capable of withstanding the extremes of temperature of your location. You need an adhesive that will strongly hold your turf in place for several years.


It is good if you can see an already installed adhesive. You can ask for references when choosing a company and also talk to their customers about their experience. You can visit the turf fields of such customers, if there are any close by to see how those artificial turf fields are holding up. Search online for reviews and make sure ask around for recommendations on artificial turf material, adhesives and installers. It is better to gather more real information for you to make a good decision.


Cost is important when investing in synthetic turf. However, never let a low cost manipulate you into making a negative long-term decision. The best artificial grass adhesive might be the cheapest one available or the most expensive or a price in between. The most important thing to look for is the endurance and the durability of the adhesive you use. It has to be able to provide you years of service regardless of the exposure to extreme temperatures, rain and long-term usage.So, focus on choosing a best quality adhesive rather than on the price.

Long-term Benefits

Investing in synthetic turf will provide you with many benefits such as reducing maintenance costs, durability and adding new look to the space. However, if you use a poor-quality adhesive, your investment will be a waste. Therefore, your main concern when selecting an adhesive is the temperature of your location, experience of the users, and the quality in order to get long-term benefits.

If it is done wrong, you will have to bear extra costs for issues like drainage, wrinkling. Therefore, one of the most important steps is to choose the right synthetic adhesive in order to install your artificial turf to avoid any complications. Hope these tips are helpful to you and consider all of these factors and make sure you choose the best quality adhesive for your synthetic turf to get the best out of your investment for many years to come.