Architecture, like most other forms of at we see in our everyday life has developed over time. So, when it comes to designing and planning houses, people no longer stick to traditional designs alone. For those of you who are looking for some of the unique house designs that move away from the everyday traditional style, here are some examples.

Modern Houses

This is the style that refers to architecture with clean, straight lines, simple, neutral colour palette. Most experts would define the modern style being sleek. The style often uses material like glass, steel or metal. Although they look quite urban and luxurious, these styles are marked by their limited and simplistic furniture that adds a simple but elegant look.


Minimalist houses are for those who prefers a home without too much clutter or busy designs. Thus, style take inspiration from other styles but show them in a much more simplified manner. Most of the colours thatare used in this style is neutral. The furniture is often streamlined and is hardly containing any intricate designs. The house will not have any flamboyant colours, busy patterns or too many accessories.


Scandinavian architectural style is the style that is inspired by the designs of Nordic homes. It is marked by the use of spacious lighting, natural elements like wood, less accessories and functional furniture and mostly white colour palette. This style is a perfect mix of minimalism and aesthetic. When colours other than white is incorporated into the style, often they remain lighter shades like pastel.


Another one of the growing trends in home designs is the bohemian styled house. The style reflects relaxed and carefree life. Some of the defining features of bohemian style is vintage lighting, vintage furniture, rugs and textiles that reflects various cultures around the world, display of various collections etc. Especially the display of plates or art or even seashells- anything that you are passionate about is a key feature in this style.

Hollywood Glam

For those of you who loves modern extravagance and making a lasting impression on your guests, this is the perfect style. This style is also known as Hollywood regency and is known for its over the top design fixtures. This is also the perfect way to incorporate elements of traditional designing into modern architecture. While keeping to a more contemporary or modern colour palette like all white or black and white you can add furniture of a different style like old traditional Victorian furniture.


This is the style that takes style inspiration from warehouse or urban lofts. Its look appears to be a mixture of the rustic and modern design. The industrial look is adhered using many elements such as exposed brick or wood. Most of the time these are houses built by renovating old warehouses or any other industrial building. However, with the help of some custom builders Melbourne you can design and built your interior into this style within any building.

Why stick to the same old designs when there are plenty ore new trends in the design world to choose from. Pick a one you desire, pitch it to your designer to see your dream home coming true.