A stonemason’s mallet is something that is a great tool for many hardscaping projects that stone masons have to take on. It also happens to be one of the most used tools in the professional mason’s tool kit. You can use it ideally for splitting up bricks and small pieces off the rocks. It consists of a handle and a head with two different sides. Each of these has a very different purpose. So here is a quick guide to the must-have tool for any stone mason.

What Does It Look Like?

The stone mason’s mallet comes with a somewhat long handle that also has a very good grip. This handle and grip is meant to absorb some of the shock that will result from striking into hard surfaces like rocks and bricks. One side of the mallet will look like a traditional hammer with the exception that instead of being rounded in shape it will actually be square. The round ones are used by carpenters in woodwork mostly. The other side of brick hammers will look like a long and sharp chisel that is also really strong.

How Is It Used?

Usually this tool has been designed for splitting or breaking rocks and bricks cleanly, it can also be used to break anything that is really hard like concrete, pavers and drive stakes for example and it is also being used now to scrape off dried cement. Therefore if you are going to be buying one of these know that they actually can serve more purposes than just one. You can use the square and blunt side for breaking bigger pieces of whatever object it is and you can use the sharp and chisel-like end for a bit of delicate breaking. If there is a small piece of stone that you need to break and you don’t want to take a risk of breaking anything else off, this tool is the perfect choice for the job. It is therefore a good investment because otherwise you might just destroy what you built by accident.

Where Can You Buy These From?

You will easily be able to find and buy this tool at home improvement stores, local hardware stores and you will also be able to buy this online if you feel that that would be more convenient for your requirements. You also do not have to be a professional mason to won one of these. If you are a homeowner who is keen on doing a few DIY projects here and there this is definitely something that has to be there in your tool shed at all times. Before you use this on something large scale though, if you have never used this before, it would be a good idea to simply practice breaking a few rocks and bricks and trying to break off small pieces so that your accuracy is improved. This way when you actually use it in your project you will be able to get the right results.