You would often have heard people saying that they are renovating their house. It isn’t hard for one to make their house bigger as all they require is money. However, it takes a genius to actually make a small house look bigger. Here are a few tips you could try in order to make your house look much bigger!

Interior Plays a Huge Role

Many people aren’t aware of this but interior plays a huge role in making a house look big. So if your goal is to make your house look spacious then you need to get rid of heavy fabrics , usually thick curtains absorb light and make your house appear smaller than it actually is. So choose lightweight material and also go for a bright colour instead of a dark one. Apart from this you could try striped floor, this isn’t for everyone but if you are daring, then try it and watch your house looking instantly bigger!

Get Rid Of Old Stuff

Sometimes your house might look small because it has too many items. So if your house has excess furniture then it is time to get rid of them. If they are extremely old you could dump them but if they are in a good condition you could sell them and use the proceeds to buy furniture which suits your house making it look much bigger. However, sometimes people don’t like to throw or sell off their items because it has a sentimental value to it. In this case you could actually keep your items in a storage where they will be safe and will also not block any space at your house. If you live in Australia you already know that there are many companies that offer cheap storage units Melbourne. Make sure you choose a company which is reputed and has also got good reviews from the customers. This is because you wouldn’t want your valuable goods to be damaged or misplaced.

You Need To Start Cleaning

Yes, you read that right. If you want your house to look bigger then you need to take some time off to clean it.  Start with cleaning the windows, dirty windows will make your house look darker and thus much smaller. So make sure you make them squeaky clean once a week. Also stop dumping your dirty laundry on your sofa, instead keep a bucket where you could dump all your dirty clothes. Another hack is to keep your floor clear as possible so skip carpeting although it is much easier to clean.

You also have to be very careful the way you layout your house. For example tallest pieces of furniture such as bookcases should be placed in the corners of your room. Try the same trick for paintings because placing them in the middle of the room will make it look smaller. Lastly, try the mirror hack it is pretty simple and does make a huge difference. Usually large mirrors are perfect for home but they are expensive so if you are on a low budget try joining small mirrors and they will give the same effect.