So you finally manage to build a deck on your property. The building process doesn’t stop there. The next major step is to secure the deck with a barrier. There are many options here, but cable railing stands out. Here are the main reasons why you should choose cable railing to secure a deck:

Hassle-Free Cleaning

Decks could have fancy glass, wood, or even cement barriers. If you take a material like glass, it may look nice, but only if you manage to clean the glass on a regular basis. Grime build-up is a problem for most types of barrier material. But not for cable railing. As the cables are not connected by anything, there’s really nothing to clean. You can clean up the cables if you want to, but grime won’t build-up without regular cleaning.

Enjoy the View without Obstructions

One of the best advantages of cable railing is that it’s not as opaque as other types of fencing. The railing is made up of posts connected together by stainless steel balustrade wire. So everyone on the deck would still be able to see through the fence. In other words, cable railing gives you an unobstructed view of the surroundings. This is particularly advantageous for decks as most homeowners choose decking to make the best of a view. Choosing wood or other types of barrier would only ruin that great view. With cable railing, on the other hand, you can enjoy both security and a great view.

Highly Flexible Design

The main reason homeowners choose cable railing for decking is the flexibility of the overall style and design of the structure. You can make cable railings as stylish as possible without compromising its functionality. This type of barrier may sound crude, but can look amazing upon installation.

Save Space

Cable railing incorporates a minimalist design. It can be as tall as you want, but it won’t take up much ground space. You can, in fact, save space by opting for this type of barrier. Given that the available space on a deck is limited, this is a major plus.

Superior Safety

Cable railings are made from highly durable material. It won’t break easily as glass or be susceptible to the elements like wood. You are unlikely to see cable railings damaged by the elements or anything hitting the barrier. Additionally, the material won’t get damaged by birds that may fly onto the deck. Keep in mind that glass, while stylish, is dangerous to birds that fly into it. Cable railings have enough space for birds to fly through without causing any damage.

Comparatively Affordable

Cable barriers can be the affordable option for decks compared to glass or wood. Choosing the same wood as the decking could cost homeowners more. Glass barriers can be quite expensive. Cable railing is made from deceptively simple material, and is therefore a lot more affordable. It may be cheaper, but you can get the same reliability and security as a glass or wood barrier.

Cable railings are also very easy to install. These barriers can last as long as the deck does, as long as you choose the right contractor to install it. Using cable railings can be cost-effective, animal friendly, and highly reliable for homeowners. Therefore, don’t overlook this option when installing decking in your yard.