A daughter’s wedding is considered by mothers to be another milestone in one’s life. To be able to see their daughter’s happiness and excitement on such a special day is a boon to a mother’s heart. And you being the mother-of-the-bride (a.k.a. MOB) probably felt the same jitters! We are entering a new season hence a new style for your daughter’s wedding this 2019!

#1-Uncovering Pastels

Pastel will never go out of style. When you think about weddings, pastels are the ‘go-to’ colours. Blush pinks, seafoam blues, and mint greens are some of the colours you should consider looking into.

#2-Loving Laces

Fancy looking like Kate Middleton (or almost anyway)? Laces are not limited to wedding gowns anymore.  Modern MOB dresses have beautiful lace patterns on top of the dress. It’s not uncommon to find lace sleeves on dresses too.  This style would also make a nice cover for the more conservative ceremony.

#3-Capes (And Not Dracula)

If you’re going for a vintage chic look, you can opt for a cape or caplets. These asymmetrical designs may use the same cloth or a delicate sheer lace. You may not need to add any jewellery when you don this type of dresses too!

#4-Going Neutral

Neutral colours could be shades of pink, beige, or cream. These are colour palettes that will never go out of style and has also been a default by many MOB dresses. Celebrities like Charlize Theron don these types on shades for awards. While neutrals may be another ‘go-to’ shade, asking the bride for her opinion about this shade. Some brides may find neutrals to be too light and may want to have you wear shades similar to the bridal party.

#5-Tiered Skirts

These skirts are more fitting for the more petite MOBs out there. These fancy dresses are fun and add volume below your waist. In fact, Modern mother of the bride dresses Australia shops (brick and mortar as well as online shops) may have these items on-hand. These come in various cuts with longer flowing chiffons or shorter cuts to add some details to the dress. Tiered skirts add a ‘romantic’ feature to the dress with an intricate brooch for that extra sparkle.

#6-Sheer and Clear

You don’t have to look ‘drab’ and overly covered during y our daughter’s wedding day. Mothers of all sizes can now look fabulous wearing dresses with sheer sleeves. These types of dresses don’t show too much skin that it distracts attention away from the bride. It’s also a good design to wear for such a formal occasion. MOBs who are on the heavier side may want use dresses with sheer sleeves with slits on them. It’s a subtle sexy that any momma can wear with confidence!

Last Reminders

In the end, this is still your daughters (or son’s) wedding day. Communicating with them early on will help you know the kind of ‘feel’ what the wedding theme will be. Always dress appropriately according to the venue too. It can be uncomfortable to walk around the garden wearing high pointed heels and a long stuffy gown.  And lastly, remember to celebrate on this special occasion!