Scratching a beloved vehicle can feel like the end of the world. But there are several obvious steps you can take to solve the situation instead of crying over it. Giving the whole car a paint over to cover up a minor scratch would be very costly. On the other hand, you can try to fix just the scratched part, either by yourself or with help. Here are several tips for doing that:

Avoid Touching when Inspecting the Scratch

If you see a scratch on your vehicle, just like with a flesh would, don’t try to poke around it. Touching the scratch could make it worse by causing damaged paint to peel off even more. Therefore, inspect the scratch visually, and don’t do anything else until you know how to fix it.

Drive to the Nearest Auto Mechanic

Ideally, you should go directly to an auto repair shop to get the scratched part fixed. Try to find the best local panel beaters Ferntree Gully to get the job done. There are notable advantages to hiring professional help. Mainly, the pros know what they are doing. They would be able to fix the scratch regardless of its nature. Some scratches are difficult and sometimes nearly impossible to fix at home.

Just make sure you find a reputable local shop for your job. Some auto mechanics may “recommend” repairs that your car doesn’t even need. Some may even insist on a full paint job. Find a great, trustworthy mechanic to avoid such headaches when you need to get your car fixed in a hurry.

Use a Touch-Up Kit

There are tons of do-it-yourself touch-up kits you can buy at auto stores to fix minor scratches. You would find everything from magic pens to step-by-step treatment programs. You can try one of these kits if the scratch is really minor or shallow. The kits are quite cheap for fixing tiny scratches. But there are some available for hundreds of dollars that promise to fix major scratches.

If you are thinking about spending hundreds of dollars on a fix-it kit, think hard about whether that’s the best option over professional help. Also, you have to be confident in your DIY skills before using one of these kits. Overall, this should be a quick and affordable solution to minor scratches, but be aware of using one of these kits for major issues.

Painting with Patience

If you do decide to fix the scratch yourself, remember that sanding is the easy part. You would need more patience to apply the coating. Do understand that the coat you would be applying differs from the paint applied by professionals. The latter dried quickly within an hour or two. On the other hand, the paint included in kits is lacquer, which requires at least 12 hours to dry completely. Ideally, leave it be for at least 24 hours.

Use the Factory Paint Code

If your car is black, it’s natural to go to the store and buy black paint. This is where most car owners make a huge mistake. Car paint have factory colour codes. You must buy new paint that exactly matches this factory code. You can find the code in the car. It would be noted on a sticker, usually pasted on a door or under the hood. Use this code to buy the new car paint to make the final paint job as smooth as possible.

Use the above tips for fix your car’s scratch. Use professional help if you can afford it.